Low Level Light Sensitivity Reduction Technique

     EmOtox is a low level light therapy that has unparalleled results in retraining the body's physical responses to sensitivities. In fact, this non-invasive system will identify, address and resolve sensitive responses to thousands of potential factors - in minutes!! You can expect to improve in areas that were being affected by hypersensitivity and metabolic imbalances in just one session.

     The Therapy is completely painless and does not use shots, needles or drugs. EmOtox uses low level light therapy, gently sending digital signatures of the sensitivities into the auricular therapy points of the ear (acupuncture points). This specific light-guided therapy stimulates nerve bundles that correspond to the major organ systems and temporarily strengthens the organ system while being exposed to the sensitivity, forming a positive association with the substance. This retrains your nervous systems' pathways not to react inappropriately to these normally harmless substances.

     EmOtox takes the healing phase one step deeper by incorporating the fundamental philosophies of the emotional body, thus giving us EMO-tox. We use Emotional CPR as a method of identifying the emotional components to the physical symptoms. Emotional CPR is a culmination of years of study of the human condition.

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